About Us

Kainé Management Ltd is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. Our work is overseen by a board of trustees and delivered by employees, freelancers and volunteers.

Business information

Kainé Management Ltd is a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 1146981) and a company limited by guarantee (no. 7671466), also registered in England and Wales. Click to see our entry on the Charity Commission website or the Companies House website.

What we do

We work across three areas – arts, community and education.

We design programmes to meet needs we see in our local community. We work with groups including senior citizens, teenaged parents, young people lacking opportunities, and asylum seekers and refugees.

All our work aims at creating equality of opportunity, supporting those who most need it, and raising aspiration and achievement. Inclusion, connection and empowerment are at the centre of everything we do.

Where our funding comes from

Some of our work is funded by grants. We also charge for some products and services, putting the income back into work supporting our charitable objects.

Support from donors, sponsors and partner organisations enables us to take our ideas much further. You can support us in several ways – see our Support Kainé page for details!

What’s with the name?

We’re glad you asked. ‘Kainé’ is a Greek word meaning ‘new’, as in ‘new life’ or ‘new beginning’. It’s pronounced ‘kai – nay’. We’re officially called Kainé Management Ltd because we started out in artist management.

Call Us: 0116 261 6840 

Email Us: info@kainemanagement.org.uk