The beauty of art is that it can come in many shapes and forms. Kainé has developed through the creativity of art and the passion of expression, combining the love of singing, music, poetry and craft to bring people together through their shared love of art. 

The choirs that have been formed at Kainé is close to attendees hearts. It will bring a smile to your face and spring in your step. Come along and join the community we have at Kainé, where you will be welcome and supported to sing and spread joy.

Community Choirs

Community choirs are for all ages to to help express people in the form of music. If you or your child has a passion for music, this is an opportunity for you

Oh Happy Days

Oh Happy Days is a singing programme for primary aged students. It provides quality opportunities for singing and performance and assists children to gain confidence, identify their vocal skills and talents and gain new experiences.