Black History Roadshow (BHR) is a celebration of the heritage and culture of black people in the form of musical art. BHR aims to educate students about black history that has either not been taught, misunderstood or hidden.

The BHR also pays homage to those who fought for civil liberty and freedom; and to those who died to secure the rights and freedoms we could so easily take for granted today.

Program details

• The BHR occurs annually in October

• A display that outlines the historical context of gospel music, and connections to slavery and civil rights campaigns.

• Our network of young performers will bring you a range of arts presentations.

• Previous roadshows have included performances of dance and music of Black origin, spoken word and poetry in an exploration of modern and historical Black culture.

• Previous roadshows on-campus events included the opportunity to sample African-Caribbean food and traditional styling for Black hair.

To bring the next Black History Roadshow to your college Black History, please contact the Kainé on 0116 261 6840 or email at