DeMontfort University Partnership

Kainé and DMU have been working in partnership to develop educational programmes and events to benefit young people in Leicester.

The work we’ve delivered through this partnership includes our regular Freedom Day event, experience days offering a taste of university life to Year 9 and 10 students, and work and careers advice for young people.

Freedom Day 2021

On 24th March we celebrated Freedom Day! Our examination of freedom included freedom from discrimination, freedom of speech, personal freedoms and continuing struggles towards freedom. As well as social media posts on various aspects of Freedom, we broadcast three live events and held a Sing Freedom gospel singing workshop.

Our contributors included

  • Councillor Sue Hunter, who has been involved in the Black Lives Matter campaign locally
  • Ben Browne, COO of DeMontfort University
  • Dr Lisa Palmer and Sherilyn Pereira from the Stephen Lawrence Research Institute at DMU
  • Derrick Mensah and Chris Hall from Decolonising DMU
  • Richard Johnson from Adventist Students on Campus DMU student society
  • Performers from Leicester, London and Trinidad and Tobago
  • Members of the Kainé Youth Collective
  • College students representing North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College and Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College

Click on the links below to watch our live events broadcast on Freedom Day. Links will open in a new tab.

Freedom Day Question Time – Members of the Kainé Youth Collective and college students discuss various aspects of Freedom. What does Freedom mean to you? Can we have too much freedom? What are the benefits and problems brought by freedom of speech?

Freedom Day: The Main Event – Our special guests tell us how they are working towards freedom. Contributions from Cllr Sue Hunter, Dr Lisa Palmer and Sherilyn Pereira.

Freedom Day Arts Showcase – Kainé presents an evening of fantastic performances across spoken word and music, all around the theme of Freedom. Plus our host Eugenie Burton chats live with Ivana Wong in Trinidad and Tobago, Samira Otung in London and Dulzo and Khaleem the Speaker here in Leicester about their take on Freedom.

You can also enjoy our Freedom Playlist on YouTube, and watch the recording of Coventry College performing arts students singing Freedom Is Coming after our Sing Freedom workshop.