Find Your Voice is a student-led action group which aims to challenge, develop and empower themselves and their peers, particularly those of Black heritage. The programme is facilitated by Kainé tutors but developed and led by participants.

Explores issues around attainment and cultural heritage through workshops, activities, virtual visits and an online conference.

Find Your Voice addresses social issues affecting participants and encourages cultural awareness throughout the school or college, promoting retention and increased positive progressions for BAME students.

Previous groups have developed programmes including celebrations of Black History Month, International Women’s Day and Martin Luther King Day, a trip to Liverpool to learn about the Atlantic slave trade and meet students at Liverpool John Moores University, hosting an arts showcase and charity fundraising activities.

Students benefit from increased engagement with school or college activities, self-development through organising activities for the group, richer knowledge of Black Culture and enhanced employment opportunities.

To find out more about the programme, costing or to book it for your college, please contact the Kainé office for more details on 0116 261 6840.

Find Your Voice ESOL

Find Your Voice ESOL is a development of our college programme, adapted for students learning English as an additional language.

In 2018, funded by Awards for All, Kainé delivered the programme to students at Leicester College. Highlights included a trip to Curve, where students spoke to people of the Windrush generation, and compared their experiences of migration, arrival and settling in Leicester as well as a presentation ceremony.

To find out more about the programme, costing or to book it for your college, please contact the Kainé office for more details on 0116 261 6840.