Our Work

Kainé takes great pleasure in dedicating its work to three specific yet related areas. The work that Kainé provides is within Arts, Community and Education. Kainé believes in supporting and encouraging people of all ages within these crucial areas.


Kainé is proud of its Arts heritage. It is where the organisation started and it continues to provide an inclusive programme of activity.

Art is a way of communication, expression and creativity. Kainé seeks to ensure that the events that are available to people of all ages can experience just that!


Kainé is keen to provide programmes that support community engagement and development. The inspiration for the programmes that Kainé deliver comes from the interest and need that has been identified from those that Kainé support.


Kainé is dedicated to establishing and implementing programmes that support education and learning. These programmes are for children, young people and adults and take place in education and community settings.

We desire to empower individuals and help them to inherit positive futures and reach their goals. We ensure that consultation takes place with individuals, listening to and working with them to meet their desired goals.