1st Day at Shaftbury

I had mixed feelings about joining Shaftsbury I wasn’t sure what to expect and I didn’t know what the children would expect of me either.

The session went well but there is always room for improvement especially on listening skills and strengthens their attention span. The classroom we use is so much more different to the ideal rehearsal space I’m accustom to however we can make it work. Next week I will definitely be rearranging the tables and chairs before we start which removes the temptation of leaning or sitting on the tables.

Shaftsbury have a nice age range between the children years 4 and 5 they pick up songs really quick and they had already learnt oh happy day and happy. I got them to perform the songs to me and explained to them about performing at the curve theatre.

I got then to stand in a line then one by one step forward as if they were soloists on the big stage and they had to confidently introduce themselves their name year group and what they liked most. This was a wonderful exercise as I was already able to identify the strong personalities in the choir.

The children were struggling to clap in time but I think this is because they also struggled to pay attention and focus long enough to keep in time. I hope to work on this before the performance and stress to the children how important it is that they get it right.

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