Braunstone Beauties

My first session was amazing!

I loved every minute of it so much so I went over time!! :/ :0

I was so very nervous the whole time whilst trying to find the school, going over my lesson plan and signing in at the reception. After I had met with Ms Morgan who will be my assistant I started to focus my mind on just having fun!

The first session was all about getting to know the children and allowing them to get to know me. The next 24 weeks are going to be somewhat intense as we work together to be ready to perform at the various events taking place. I wanted them to feel comfortable and to be assured that staying an extra hour in school every Tuesday is the best decision they made because singing Gospel with Cherice is so much fun! Lol

I got them to interact through ice breaker games so I could learn there names and get them into performing confidently.

So first of all I asked them to get into two lines a line and b line then walk to the centre one at a time shout their name and say something about themselves.

I got them moving up down around and involved with circle activities. I found they had a lot of energy and they were super enthusiastic about getting involved in every activity.

If anything my last game I should have been the one to call out the common likes so as to save time and to prevent the repetitive i like 1Direction, when we played a game where the children had to stand in a circle and swap places with someone across the circle who has the same thing in common eg “I like chocolate” everyone that likes chocolate swap places.

I will also be carrying a watch with me to keep track of time as I now know the clock in the hall is slow and I don’t want any angry parents should we go over time again.

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