Brave Broomies… Broomfield Primary School

Broomfield Primary now have a well established choir The ‘Brave Broomies’ and it is a little sad that we are coming to the end of the ‘Oh Happy Day’ project for 2015.

We have learned new songs written our own songs sung solo’s and harmony, played games got to know each other well and today we learned reggae and ragga rhythms with our hands and feet… As well as the Finalé songs of course 🙂

To celebrate all these achievements, in our session this week I gave out treat awards to each member for their individual contribution to the ‘Brave Broomies’. Awards from being brave and singing solos at the Curve, always bringing fun to the group and always paying attention to being helpful and putting the chairs away.

Now we are Excited for the Finalé 1 more sleep….!!

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