More time more fun

This week my assistant teacher arranged for our session to start at 3:30 and finish at 4:30 instead of 3:15-4:15.
We were having problems with getting the children straight from there various classes across the school and over to the infant hall we were losing a lot of time because of this like 15 minutes and some children would miss out and have to catch up when they needed a toilet break.

This way all the children can go to the toilet, break properly from their last class of the day and go into choir mode.

Working with the children for a third week and I’m really starting to get familiar with their different personalities. They love to create their own actions to the songs and volunteer to clap, sing captain jack without my help and generally take charge of their vocal development in terms of pushing themselves forward and confidently performing.

The children are excellent at committing what I’ve already taught them to memory as I was able to pick up exactly where we left off in the song and carry on teaching the next sections.

I hope to get more out of the children by bringing in instruments and backing tracks for them to sing along to.

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