Shaftsbury’s Colours

This week the children seemed to already be comfortable with me despite not remembering my name lol. They were much more behaved and focused and determined to sing to the best of their ability.

They sang happy and oh happy day loud and strong clapping and dancing in time eventually without anyone being silly. I bought along the backing track to happy so they had accompaniment and they went through the entire song easy peasy! I’m very impressed with their lightning speed, definitely well on their way to a great performance on the 12th November.

I asked the children to sit down and listen to their song which is called colours and they listened very attentively they actually really liked it. They were really focused and I was able to teach them the first verse and the hook. I had a very helpful assistant Shay, who played the music and scrolled through the lyrics for us today and I also had recurring questions from enthusiastic children asking to be soloists on the big day.

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