That’s much better

The children absolutely love the warm up song captain Jack, I thought that perhaps by now they would be bored of it but this week three of my girls approached me to sing it as the class repeat it and I was delighted to call them to the stage as they confidently lead the rest of the choir including all the actions!

The behaviour was so much better today, we moved through oh happy day in record time, they kept in time clapping clicking and singing as the echo in their soprano part after me. The fairly complicated chorus arrangements was not an issue for he choir as they sang it beautifully with ease and in time.

We were able to start learning the first verse of Happy and of course they were buzzing with excitement to sing it how they already knew it. When I taught them the slight variation at the end of the verse with the whispered “I’m a” and the harmonised last line they eventually got it and it was no longer a problem.

At the end of today’s session we had another two soloists this time I allowed two boys to sing their rendition of everything is awesome Braustone Frith style! I taught the rest of the choir what it meant to be a good attentive audience and that with time they all will be able to sing solo’s.
I have always loved their energy I can’t wait to get them on that stage not long now.

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