The End

The last couple of sessions leading to the final performance had the children feeling excited and nervous. During the last session, we played some games and had a quick chat about what they enjoyed and liked the most. Most of them agreed singing at The Curve was definitely a highlight. They were also sad that they would not be able to sing at the curve again after this last performance.
All my schools were thrilled at having the chance to record their Unity songs at The Curve and would not stop asking me when they could get a copy of the CD! The performance itself also went well and they enjoyed having their moments in the spotlight- particularly the soloists.
It was really sad saying goodbye to them, I received lots of hugs from quite a few of the girls. St Michaels even asked me to come back the following week!
During this last week at St. Michaels, the children practised one of the first songs they performed last year as well as their Unity song and performed it in front of the whole school. We even had some confident soloists who did an amazing job.
It was a pleasure teaching at all three schools and watching the children grow in confidence and vocal ability and I hope they continue to enjoy singing.

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