Yes You Can

Yes You Can is a 20-week programme for black and dual heritage students, which takes pupils on a journey to get to know themselves, build confidence, improve literacy and numeracy, and explore topics such as:

· Barriers to Learning
· Capturing Success
· Identity and Heritage
· Career Awareness

Our weekly 1-hour workshops offer a blended learning approach of online and face to face sessions when appropriate. The programme seeks to tackle problems that may hinder education such as low self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth. It supports learning through achieving its three core objectives of

1. Improving emotional wellbeing
2. Improving confidence in aspirations and future educational career choices
3. Improving participation in civic/social action, promoting positive Black British history/culture and heritage.

Schools are now being recruited to participate if they can: 

• Identify 15, Year 8/9 students under attaining or at risk of under-performing. We can cater to more than 1 group.
• Commit to 1 hour weekly workshops
• Ensure student attendance at the final event
• Identify a link member of staff with responsibility for the programme.

To find out more about the programme, costing or to book it for your college, please contact the Kainé office for more details on 0116 261 6840.